Ahead of COP28, the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP) has migrated to a new website. The site provides a space to share news and data on international public support for clean energy, as well as updates from our signatories on their progress.

The CETP was launched two years ago at COP26 in Glasgow. Country and public finance institution signatories committed to transition international public support away from unabated fossil fuels, and to scale up support for the clean energy transition.

Since the launch of CETP, we have been working closely with our signatory group on policy development, sharing knowledge and best practice. We have also collaborated internationally to grow the Partnership and advance the conversation about the role of public finance in accelerating the clean energy transition into multilateral forums. 

Our new website will provide a space for us to share updates on this exciting work as we continue our efforts drive the clean energy transition through international public support.

Alongside news updates and information sharing, the website includes background on the origins of CETP, a copy of the CETP commitment from COP26, our list of signatories,

and details of how to get in touch.