DATE: Tuesday 5th December 2023  

TIME: 10:45-11:45am GST

LOCATION: Expo City Dubai, Blue Zone  

ROOM: UK Pavilion


  1. Opening remarks by the Government of the United Kingdom to welcome new signatories
  2. Responding to the G7: how G7 countries are reporting on progress made to end international public support for fossil fuels
  3. Presentation by the International Energy Agency (IEA)
  4. Panel and Q&A: How the CETP is scaling up support for clean energy via international public finance, and what more needs to be done to facilitate a clean energy transition in low- and middle-income countries.
  5. Closing remarks


At COP26, 34 countries and five public finance institutions signed the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP), committing to end international public support for fossil fuels by the end of 2022 and prioritise support for the clean energy transition. This was an historic moment, with the potential to shift $28bn a year out of fossil fuels and into clean energy. This event marks the two-year anniversary of the launch of the CETP, its purpose is to:  

  1. Bring together CETP members, G7 member states and experts in the field to discuss the crucial role that international public support plays in scaling up clean energy in low- and middle-income countries.
  2. Demonstrate continued momentum behind the CETP initiative, including through G7 members reporting back on their progress towards ending international public support for fossil fuels. 
  3. Welcome new signatories to CETP and highlight how existing signatories are bridging the gap from fossil fuels to clean energy.  

Through the above, this event will explore the decisive role public finance can play in accelerating the global energy transition, progress to date and priority actions for governments and public finance institutions in unlocking support for the clean energy transition.


  • Government of Ethiopia
  • Government of France
  • Government of Denmark
  • Government of Canada
  • Julia Beck, Chief Strategy and Impact Officer, UK Export Finance 
  • Laurence Tubiana, European Climate Foundation
  • Ms Vivienne Yeda Apopo, East African Development Bank
  • Tim Gould, the International Energy Agency